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Trouble Shooting

ISSUE: Cant Send Email Using Outlook

The Alphaware Email  server is setup with basic, by the book, POP3 settings that will work from most locations.
Some internet service providers have been blocking port 25 (default email port) due to spam issues.  Comcast home service, in some locations, being one of them.

Our email server has an alternate port for access: 587

To change to use 587 go to Tools / Account Settings / "double click on your account name" / More Settings / Advanced / then change the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" from a value of 25 to a value of 587.

ISSUE: Problems sending or forwarding to Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other free services.

Free and home-user grade services have been taking measures to block spam from reaching users.  Alphaware continually compensates for this with policy changes on our email servers that comply with these anti-spam measures.   As of the writing of this article Alphaware’s email complies with all of these free services.

These free services are not business-class systems.  These services are not recommended for business transactions.    Compatibility with free email is not guaranteed nor supported by Alphaware. We will however make every effort to ensure compatibility. If you having problems with sending or forwarding to these services please contact us.  Include returned email header for our analysis.
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